5 Tracks By Land You Should Be Listening To Right Now!

Land is an exciting new band, exploding with potential with their refreshing electronic down-tempo sound, capturing the attention of a global audience. We have picked out our top 5 tracks by Land, and we are very eager to share these with you today.

Down by This River (Max Edit)

This is an exciting track, with a very distinctive sound, which will move you. The electronic melody really drives this track and is supported beautifully by the drum pattern. The vocals sound mature, as they cleverly paint a narrative for the listener to indulge in. This is a track that stands out from the very start.

Again (From The Again EP)

This is another exciting track from Land, with a very distinctive sound. The beginning of the track sounds like a mix between Duran Duran and Seal. This is theme is carried throughout the entirety of the track, and then accompanied by the mellow yet sensual vocals.

It Just Happened (From The Behind The Scene Ep)

This track feels a lot darker than other tracks by Land. The riveting bassline takes on more of a role in this track, creating an uneasy and peculiar rhythm, which seamlessly works with the electronic melody. You feel uneasy and uncertain listening to this track, and this is because of how well the vocals work with the nature of the track, and how well the nature of the track is established through multiple electronic elements.

Endless Night (From The Far Beyond South EP)

I love how each song by Land can sound so different from one another, Endless Night is a testament to that, with is refreshing yet hypnotic and ambient melody, fast yet minimal drum pattern, and adaptive vocals. This is a track that really captures my attention as a listener.

Another Day (From The Far Beyond South EP)

This is yet another captivating track by Land, sure to leave you impressed. All aspects of this composition, seem to work together naturally. The vocals take center stage and is accompanied beautifully by a repetitive yet ambient techno-melody. The bass is well balanced and the drums sound on point - this is a track that needs to be added to your playlist right now!

Land is a fascinating band, and a band I will be keeping a close eye out for in the coming years.