A.N.T16 Interview:'The only thing left to do is to grow as an artist a keep learning and improving'

We were fortunate enough to interview artist 'A.N.T16'.

When did you realize that you had a passion for music?

Since birth to be honest. Music has always been in my family I legit grew up around singers and musicians. My mom being a singer would always try to influence me to go in that direction. She would sometimes have me up all night practicing voice control and explaining to me whats the perfect range to stay up with my type of voice so i really have her to thank when it comes to my passion for this sh*t. I also feel like i have a lot to say and get off my chest when it comes to the type of music i make so i always felt like going in this direction would be the best way to get my sh*t out.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

Honestly i can't say i have physical inspirations. My main inspiration for doing all of this is just the shit ive been through and the sh*t ive witnisssed throuhout my life. I put a lot of built up emotion and energy into my sound and i feel like now that i have a platform to take this energy out on its on, the only thing left to do is to grow as an artist a keep learning and improving my craft. I guess you can say im my own inspiration.

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

I just want to be heard really. I feel like the best thing about this industry is the social aspect. Just to be able to be relatble with other people and grow together with your fans is honestly a great thing and most artist don't take advantage of that. When you listen to my music i want it give you a sense of comfort and a warm welcome. I want people to feel the positivity in my music and hopefully they'll be able to say that they were having a bad day but listening to an A.N.T16 song is what made it.

What is your most memorable moment while being an artist?

So not many people know this but, i have a very old song called "HATE ME" which i uploaded to SoundCloud in 2016, it was a poorly mastered song and i used apple earbuds to record it. I never expected it to get such good feedback but a lot of people actually f**ked with my flow and my lyrics. A year after my friend from high school whose an artist/producer wanted me to remix it so we could bring the best out of it because he saw the potential the song had so i let him hop on it and we made a hit. The memorable part was seeing how many people f**ked with it. After the remix came out i get a bunch of people texting me saying my sh*t was fire. That song also lead to a lot of fans and people hitting me up wanting to work with me so that is what really lit the spark in me to want to keep pushing myself as an artist and ill never forget that moment.

Who is your favorite artist you’ve worked with?

I gotta give this one over to my boy at Rapture Records. I feel like me and Raptxre share a good bond and we can relate to eachother a lot. He puts emotion in his music too and we have similar vibes to the point where we can flow perfectly on a beat. The song "Fake" i did with him i feel brought out more of my artistry and helped me improve in my craft so working with him has definitely been an experience. Of course we plan on working together more in the future so keep listening!

Tell us a little about your upcoming project?

My EP "THIRD EYE OPEN" will be released on August 7th on all platforms. The single "Third Eye!" ft. DonsRevenge is releasing on August 4th. Basically the concept of the project is me becoming more aware of who i am as a person and how i think and really just showing who i am to the world. I felt like this EP would be a good way to show people what i can do, also i want my music to expand the minds of other people and let them know that everything will be ok and ill get them through all the hard troubles of this universe.

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

You'll never truly know what to expect from me in the future. I have a lot of ideas and a lot of creative aspects that i want to incorperate in my craft so im always going to be popping out with surprises in my music. Ultimately my main goal is to keep spreading the positive message and hopefully people will f*ck with it.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

Yeah, I just want everyone to know that its not the end of the world i promise you. I know that this year has been hell for everyone and even if it looks like things aren't looking up, know that we all hold the power to make things better. You don't have to accept the world we live in right now. If you want change then it takes interaction, get involved with life don't just ignore whats going on and stray away from yourself. Find yourself, find out what makes you happy, shoot for it and emit that happiness out into the world. Other than that though make sure you support my wave. My EP "THIRD EYE OPEN" will be releasing August 7th on all platforms. Single "Third Eye!" will be releasing August 4th. Stay wavy and stay woke, Ayy.

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