Aaron California Releases New EP 'The 2 Straps Chronicles, Chapter 1'

Aaron California has released a new EP entitled 'The 2 Straps Chronicles, Chapter 1', packed with 4 banging tracks.


Kicking off the EP is the track, 'Options'. This is a distorted-lofi track that gives you a real sense of the style of the EP and Aaron California. The boom-bap drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track really well. The lyricism is cut-throat and ruthless. This is a powerful start.


The narrative continues in the following track. The flow is consistent and straight to the point. The lyrics are real and personally appeals to me as a listener. This is a confronting track about the current state of rap. This track is really worth listening to.


This track is more bass-heavy than the previous two tracks, and there is a bit more clarity in the vocals. The bars flow seamlessly from line to line, and the memorable hook ties the track perfectly together.


I love the start of this track with the sirens, which play an important role in the melody. This track sounds cinematic while tackling social injustice. The frequent breaks and sound fxs are as powerful as the vocals at the center of the track. The metaphor for Insomnia is brilliant! This track finalizes what has been a perfect EP.

Listen here: https://open.spotify.com/album/2FcpJQOtSM9dUBngy5NjuM?si=mTSAfbwSRrWhUV4SxJyaug#_=_