AeromosDax Releases New Album 'Dark Void Television'

AeromosDax has released a new album entitled 'Dark Void Television' - we will be counting down the top three tracks from the album.

Sibling Rivalry

This is a gruelling track, with an unorthodox vocal execution, repetitive and dark melody, and a thick bassline. The execution of this track is cunning - and unlike anything, I have experienced before. This is a [ehnomanl track.

If I Must

This is a grim and eerie track, with a dark melody, slow and down-pitched vocals, and a lofi-like drum pattern. The bass is well balanced and fills out the track nicely. The lyricism is well crafted and paints a vivid narrative for the listener to be mesmerized by.

5 O'clock News

The perfect track to end off the album, the flow sounds more concise and hard-hitting in this track. The drum pattern is more apparent and crisp. The entire execution is flawless - as it concludes a phenomenal album.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by AeromosDax.