AFTR (Alone For The Ride) Releases New Single 'Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)'

AFTR (Alone For The Ride) has released a new single entitled 'Humboldt Swagger (Wanna Go Down)'.

This is a raging new track from AFTR, with a ground-shaking bassline, progressive drum beat, an array of percussion, and a gruelling and addictive melody. The use of vocals in this track is quite experimental and abstract. They work perfectly with the nature of the composition, and the mood it conveys. This is quite a unique and rare track, and its diverse nature and interchanging melodies solidifies its spot as a great EDM track.

Chicago’s south side Techno Producer/DJ AFTR creates a canvas on which you can dance as you stimulate your mind. AFTR entices the listeners with house-infused sounds framed by a driving rhythm that will thrill the dancers and listeners alike. This is music for dancing all summer.

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