Agony "The Secret Weapon" Releases New Album 'Shot By Agony'

Agony "The Secret Weapon" has released a new 10 track album entitled 'Shot By Agony'. This is a compelling new project by this artist, and I have compiled some of my favorite tracks off the record today.

‘All Day’ is the second track off the record, and features fellow rapper, Shottie. This is a smooth track, with an addictive melody, full baseline, and compelling rap flow. The lyricism and execution is sharp, conveying a narrative for the listener.

‘Little Orphan Agony’ has a very distinctive sound, at it uses a riff for the melody. The west-coast inspired mood is funky and easy to embrace. The vocals are at the centre of the track and is the main component of what really drives this track.

‘I Ain’t Too Old’ really highlights Agony’s talent and skill. He shows the utmost respect for Hip Hop and the music scene, by making sure that his flow is precise, sharp and that what he has to say is properly conveyed. This is done over a well balanced, 808 heavy beat, and consistent melody.

The album finishes on the track ‘Why’. This track is lyrically powerful and emotional. Agony comes off as personal in this track, thanks to the detail in the lyricism and addictive hook. This is accompanied by a pristine beat, that you feel lost in.

This is a highly recommended project and I am looking forward to future Agony “The Secret Weapon” projects.

Listen here:

Agony can also be found on Facebook and Instagram: @AGONY305