Ahve Releases New Single 'Lost Possessions'

Ahve has released a new single entitled 'Lost Possessions'.

This is an exciting new single from this very promising artist. The intro is elegant, and truly a slice of heaven, as the ambient pads formulate a pristine melody. This melody evolves blissfully, as a trap-like drum pattern eases into the mix. The drum pattern gives this composition an assortment of flavour and personality, while the pads help tame the track. The vocals are at the center of this magnificent composition, painting a romanticised narrative for the listener to follow. There are two main attributes as to why this narrative is clear for the listener to connect with. Firstly, the lyricism is quite intricate and intimate. Deep imagery is embedded within the lyrics, in order to fully engage the listener. Secondly, the vocal execution is flawless, leaving the listener gripping onto every last word, as Ahve hits all the right notes. This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to future projects. Listen here: