Alin Dragu Releases New Single 'Iubesc Zilele Cu Tine'

Alin Dragu has released a new single entitled 'Iubesc Zilele Cu Tine'.

This is a bright and refreshing track from the Romanian singer and producer. The nature of the instrumental is bright and uplifting. The drum pattern is contagious and sustains the momentum of the track perfectly. The bassline works seamlessly with the melody, creating an astounding listening experience. The vocals really add to the experience and drive the track, as they bounce seamlessly from track to track. This track really is a bundle of joy and a burst of positivity. I really the uniqueness of this track.

Listen here:

Alin Dragu is a Romanian singer and producer who has spent a great deal of time building his catalog that features folk, country, dance, and more. Now he has announced his plans to head more into the disco-pop arena. 

The year 1987 had just gotten underway when Alin Dragu came into it on the 14th of January. He’d spend those early years like many kids, learning and being fascinated by the world around him. By eight-years-old though, something new sparked his interest; music. He started singing then, and by 14 was producing his own music. He spent that time collaborating with several local production companies. Today, he’s an independent artist who has worked in a variety of styles. Just last month he dropped a country song, “Barfesc Babele.” He’s even found recent success with his latest pop playlist, “Lubesc Zilele cu Tine (I Love the Days with You),” which was featured on a number of international radio stations that broadcast in 130 countries.