AlmightyBandz: The Interview

We were fortunate enough to interview AlmightyBandz, and talk about their recently released track "Tempted"

So how did AlmightyBandz come about?

Jay Bandz: Just a group of friends who loved music and was figuring out their artist identity as a whole. We lost some along the way but whose left are only the ones who need to be here. Now the only members are Jay Bandz, Oso Apollo, and Khronic Chris

Who came up with the name?

Jay Bandz: At the time Oso Apollo was going by Almighty and the last part of my name is Bandz so we just put it together. It was quick thought of but so catchy to us and it stuck since.

So will each member always be on each track?

Khronic Chris: We try to the best way possible but at the same time that’s what separate us from the rest. We have tracks together where it’s just 2 out 3 or all of us even some singles by ourselves. We do it for us as a team at the end of the day.

Your recent single “Tempted” how’d it come about?

Oso Apollo: From being define by our skin color to world problems it was all thrown into the pot and put together perfectly. We knew we wanted to show versatility and how we are effected about what goes on around us. Also with help from our bro Doja Jesus on the hook it was well thought out.

Anything interesting that stuck out to you for your own single “Tempted?”

Oso Apollo: Fun fact it was made back in 2015 but the message was so strong and significant to today so we remade and released it as the first Almighty Bandz single with our artist owned record label, Legacy Music Group, 5 years later in 2020.

Interesting, what can we expect next from the 3 of y'all?

Jay Bandz: Me and Oso are in the works for the Tempted video right now

And Khronic and I are in the works for the next single and hopefully video soon for that to. And that’s not even the gist of it.

Seems like AlmightyBandz has a lot of work cut out for them. Do you think it’s a lot of pressure?

Khronic Chris: We’ve come to far to turn back. We just gotta work and put in all the effort and stay motivated, determined, and focused. It’s like watching the stars align. We always make it work.