Aranmaybe Releases New Album 'The World on a Strong'

Aranmaybe has released a new album entitled 'The World On A String'. Here are our top 4 picks off the album.


This is a laid-back yet powerful track, with a moving bassline, live drums, and warm vocals. This track feels intimate and real. This is the second track off the album and captures the attention of listeners with its distinctive sound with ease.


This sounds a lot different when compared to prior tracks such as Rainbows. A real jazz sound is established finely, with an array of instruments working seamlessly together, to create a hypnotic tune.

I Once

A faster and more melancholic track, this composition appeals to me thanks to its mysteriousness and vagueness. The vocals are warm, deep, and elongated, creating a seductive and unique sound. All elements of the track are mixed beautifully, creating a cunning listening experience. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Heaven's Star

This is more liken a country track. It demonstrates Aranmaybe's diverse skill set and ability to successfully experiment with new sounds and styles. The vocals are heartfelt - and really add to the integrity and emotion of the track. This is a highly recommended track and I am looking forward to future projects by Aranmaybe.

Listen here: