As he carves a lane of his own, producerLoftwah The Beatsmiff releases a brand

As he carves a lane of his own, producer Loftwah The Beatsmiff releases a brand new single, "House of The Rising Sun". Marking the first release for 2021, "House of The Rising Sun" finds Loftwah The Beatsmiff covering a classic song perfect for the background as you work, study or just chill. After living with "House of The Rising Sun", listeners will show that Beatsmiff has that lasting power, letting fans into his mind. Since being inspired by Dr Dre, Scott Storch, DJ Premier and Timbaland at an early age, Loftwah The Beatsmiff has been making waves and built a fanbase full of loyal supporters.

Loftwah The Beatsmiff is a Hip Hop producer based in Perth, Western Australia. His first release with the rapper known as JR was only introduced because of their mutual friend Andrew Wakely, who made sure Loftwah kept making music. Andrew gave JR. a CD of Loftwah's beats only for it to be left in a taxi, with one of JR's friends saying "who cares, it's not like he's going to be the next Scott Storch". Andrew, determined to make sure these beats were heard delivered a copy to JR and made sure he listened to it. His biggest influences as a producer are Dr Dre, Scott Storch, DJ Premier, and Timbaland.

The best way to describe the sound being his own spin of the 2000s era West Coast Hip Hop. His recent works include OptiMystic's Day Of The Guiding Light/Followed By The Shadow, a double album featuring Hip Hop's biggest legends and the follow-up Salty Waterz and Salty Waterz 2. Recently he has been working on the follow up to Such iz Life with JR.

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