Attack on Anxiety Releases New Track 'Magneto's Choice'

Attack on Anxiety released a new single on Friday entitled 'Magneto's Choice'.

This is an exciting new track by Attack on Anxiety, that details the events of X-Men character Magento, and his dilemma of whether to side with or against X-men. The track has a powerful bassline from the very beginning, really grabbing my attention. The versatile melody is comprised of multiple electronic elements, really diversifying the track. There is an assortment of percussion used in combination with the drum pattern, to make this track as exciting as the comic it drew influence from. The absence of vocals allows for a larger focus to the instruments and progression of the track. The track is broken into sections, juxtaposing calmness and intensity, thanks to the conflicting melodies and drum patterns. The juxtaposition resembles the thoughts and dilemma Magento is experiencing. The chaotic end to this composition highlights Magento’s final decision. This is a highly recommended track.

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