Austin Arndt (YT) Releases New Album 'Into The D.A.R.K.NESS'

Austin Arndt (YT) has released a new 10 track album entitled 'Into The D.A.R.K.NESS’.

This project is both dark and distinct in its nature. The tracks in this album are captivating and precise, creating a masterpiece of an album. The track that draws the most focus is the opening track 'T-Rex'. I believe that this track best previews the values and styles of the album. The melody is minimalistic yet eerie. The vocals are heavily layered, creating that ghastly effect, reminiscent of $uicideboys. The flow is both bouncy and aggressive. 'T-rex' is truly an experience - and so is the rest of the album.

Tracks such as 'Dark Deals' and 'Manical Pain' also possess this dark and ghastly style of rap - a style I have grown to enjoy over the years. YT brings a fresh new twist to the powerful sub-genre with the fusion of 90's rap elements, most prevalent in 'Run'.

Listen here: