B.rod Set To Release A New Single

B.rod is set to release a new single and we were fortunate enough to get an exclusive listen to this upcoming track.

This is a soul-inducing track, with bright melodies, a hypnotic flow and deep bass. This is a track of the R&B genre - and it does a superb job in romanticising the themes and nature of the track. The vocals reverberate on this track and bounce naturally from line to line. The variations in speed allow for this track to feel more dynamic and versatile. The instrumental of this track is well-produced, with a contagious melody, reverting bassline, and pristine drum pattern, built to sustain the momentum of the track, with deep kicks and crisp snares.

B.rod Banks was first introduced to music at the early age of 5. It wasn't however until the 5th grade where he was exposed to greats such as Lil Wayne and Drake. He and his little brother Jaylee started making music in the 8/9th grade, burning CD's the night before school and taking them the next day.

We are looking forward to the release of B.rod's new single. We will keep you updated on its release.