Ballakay Relases New Single 'Fine Without You (feat. Blake The Low Life)'

Ballakay has released a new single entitled 'Fine Without You (feat. Blake The Low Life)'.

This is a beautiful, melancholic and genuine track you can find yourself quickly attached to thanks to the ease of vocals, emotional instrumental and vivid lyricism. Beginning with the instrumental, the guitar riff paints the mood for the listener. The drum pattern has trap elements, keeping the overall composition diverse. The vocals are at the center of this track. Both Ballakay and Blake The Low Life execute their vocals flawlessly, as a visual story unfolds in the listener's mind thanks to the courage lyricism and the clarity in the wide vocals. This song reminds me of one XXXTentacion's early projects 'Vice City'. The amount of potential both Ballakay and Blake The Low Life have to take over the industry is scary but awesome at the same time. This is a beautiful track that I have thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to future projects in the near future.

Listen here: