Blood Oath: 5 Tracks You Need To Hear

Blood Oath is an upcoming alternative rap duo. Fogteef and Og Zombie showcase a very diverse flow and style on some of their recent projects. Here are our top 5 favourite tracks you need to hear.

How Much I Smoke

This is a phenomenal addition to Blood Oath's discography. This bonus track, showcases a very diverse and unique style. The hook is mellow and floats beautifully on the hybrid melody. The rap flow is broken down and intense. The kick later enters, building up some real intensity and atmosphere in the composition.

Week N*****s

'Week N*****s' is a smooth, soulful track, with an addictive hook and melody. The drum pattern in this track is creative, with a slow build-up, which narrows the focus towards the vocals and carefully constructed lyricism. The execution of the rap flow is perfect. I personally love this track.

Lookin For It Ft. Captain Jaybe

This is a real grimey, tight and diverse track, sure to impress. The horn melody is unlike anything I've heard before. The drum pattern creates a real momentum for the composition. The crisp rap flow is executed flawlessly, and the imagery used in the lyrics are remarkable.

Mania A.K.A Fog's Promise

This is an in your face track, and that's how we like it. Blood Oath doesn't hold back on this relentless track, expressing passion for music through their vocal style and lyrics. The diversity of the beat is impressive. The yell-in-the-mic approach really keeps the listener awake.


This track is much slower than 'Mania'. The chopped, piano key melody is a nice, abstract touch, giving the track a bunch of flavour and personality. The lyrics are sincere and genuine, really painting the picture for the listener through the use of deep imagery and perfect delivery.

Blood Oath is ready to take over the industry. I highly recommend their music and I am looking forward to future projects. I am hoping to see a 'Casual Oaths 2' in the near future.