BLOODHOUND Releases New Album '12965WISH'

BLOODHOUND has released a new album entitled,'12965WISH'. The album is a follow up to the previously released album, '451208WISH'. The follow-up album consists of 13 eerie tracks, packed with provocative samples and distorted rhythms. The abstract sound is hard to match, and a style BLOODHOUND consistently does so well.

The opening track, 'porcelain', has a distorted bassline, that opens the track. Key stokes with varying velocities are also introduced. Vocal samples play a large part in directing the narrative and theme of this album. The samples are emotional and vivid. Don't expect to hear any singing, the vocals samples are cunning and vivid in their nature of portraying emotion and story.

The opening track seamlessly blends into the next, '336000 narcissus'. The drums are more prominent in this track once introduced. The eerie, dystopian-like sound is created through the gate placed on the compositions atmosphere sound effects, a neat touch to the overall feel of the track.

A stand out track for me is 'parasomnia404'. This composition opens with energetic high-hats, at a noticeably faster tempo. There is an electronic synth that bounces like a saw, generating a short and rigid dance melody. The composition quickly turns into a rhapsody when the bass is experimented with later in the track, and aligned perfectly with the vocal samples.

'(Dream) - C17H3CIN4' is a down-tempo, thought-provoking track. The vocal samples are reverberated, while the sounds of a record player echos throughout the track creating a grungy atmosphere. This a quick track at a slow pace.

The following composition, '1:26-38' - finds itself more in the glitch-hop genre rather than dark experimental. The bass accompanies the melody, while the drum machine creates a distinctive rhythm. Keys are later introduced as well as dialogue, to add to the emotion of the composition, a neat touch by the master of the craft.

'xxx' has a somewhat nostalgic beginning. The keys are prominent in this track and accompany the emotion of the track. The melody of the keys is versatile and somewhat soothing to listen to. The style in this track juxtaposes the rigid style developed in earlier tracks, refreshing the overall sound of the album.

'ultra+' has a pluck like melody. The bass is superb in this track, you can hear how it perfectly aligns with the melody. The vocal samples and fx are the subject of this track and maintain the abstract characteristics established in the album.

The final track, 'life after life', concludes the album perfectly. It is hard to explain how perfect and well rounded this piece of dark art sounds to the ear. There are multiple moods and emotions running through this track, as it concludes the album.

This emotionally-draining, thought-provoking, spine-shivering album is perfect. I can't fault any track. Props are given to BLOODHOUND for mastering a rare and melancholic style that can be embraced by any listener. I highly recommend '12965WISH'.