BLOOODHOUND Releases New Single '13-11-26' Featuring Yung Brat

BLOOODHOUND has released a new single entitled '13-11-26' featuring fellow aus-rapper, Yung Brat.

BLOOODHOUND is infamous for his dark and experimental approach to music. He is now branching out and trying different sounds and methodologies, to diversify his discography, while maintaining that grim, alter-ego style we have quickly come to embrace.

His latest single,''13-11-26'', tests the aussie rap vibes, a rapidly growing scene thanks to contributors such as Isaac Puerile and Cult Shφtta.

The track features rapper Yung Brat. The vocals are down-pitched and swing perfectly with the momentum of the track. The melody is diverse and constantly cutting, keeping the listener on edge. The bass is well filled and works seamlessly with the boom-bap-like drum pattern. The kicks and snares are punchy - but it is the percussion that takes center stage, with its crisp and repetitive sound. The dialogue extracts are a crucial part of BLOOODHOUND's style, and play a massive role in telling the narrative of this track.

This is a highly recommended single - and I am looking forward to future projects by BLOOODHOUND in the near future.