BOOM BOOM Release New Album '2 In2 The Groove'

Paul Fishman and Dave Harris are proud to announce the 13-TRACK ALBUM “2 In2 The Groove” for a P FUNK band that never existed.

We will be focussing on 5 great tracks from this album of 13 powerful P Funk tracks, beginning with the self-titled:

2 in2 The Groove

This is a compelling and powerful track, with a thumping bassline, upbeat drum pattern, and intriguing melody. This track is abstract in its approach, as it fuses pop with funk. The style presented has taken inspiration from the late artist, Prince ( Ƭ̵̬̊ ).

Everything She Wants

This track has a very romantic/sensual aura about it. I love the diversity embedded in the melody. It gives the track a refreshing feel to it. This can be said about the vocals as well, the changing pitches add more excitement to the overall composition.

She Said

This track has a raw 80s feel to it. The drum progression is consistent and keeps the toes tapping. The vocals feel really authentic in this track. They're rich in lyricism and flow nicely, painting a vivid picture for the listener.

I Want You

This is a more upbeat track then prior tracks in the album. The riff is awe-inspiring and seamlessly works with the drum pattern. The vocals are triumphant and empowering, with rich lyricism embedded to really hype up the listener. This track is a personal favorite of mine.

Missing Me

The final track off the album, this is a great conclusion to what has been quite a marvellous and ambitious project. The synthesiser takes the role of lead melody on this track, to really add to that 80s feel BOOM BOOM like to possess. The vocals don't skip a beat, with a perfect performance.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by BOOM BOOM.

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