Brve Releases New EP '1971'

Brve has released a new 5 track EP entitled '1971'.

The opening track 'Pilot.' - is genius. Beginning with the beat, the melody consists of a deep synth and an occasional vox sample. The drum pattern is upbeat and engaging. I love the vocal performance in this track. Brve switches in and out of a radio vocal effect, really giving this track a sense of flavor.

The following track 'Pain.' demonstrates a real sense of emotion. The lyricism becomes the focus of this track, with deep imagery and metaphors. The vocals seamlessly flow over the chime melody and the trap like drum pattern. The listener can really connect with this track, thanks to the open narrative and perfect portrayal.

'Good Luck.' starts with a beautiful, classical sample. This sample reappears in the hook of the track. This composition is extremely chill and easy to indulge in. The beat skillfully complements the lyricism. The lyrics are sentimental and romanticised, a nice touch to the overall EP.

'Tell Me.' is a very different track when compared to the rest of the songs on the EP. The mood is extremely down-tempo. The rhythms of the track slowly evolve, into something quite beautiful. The hypnotic sound consists of many pads and vocal layering created by Brve. This track closes with a swift and clean verse, where Brve really puts his talent on show.

'Song 333.' concludes this masterpiece. This track contains creative and hard-hitting lines, in order to really close off with a bang. The flow and rhythm of this track is versatile. Brve keeps you on the edge of your seat with diversity between hook and verse, a skill not many rappers can successfully pull off. The outro to this track is clean and seamless.

This is a really strong and powerful EP. I would love to see all of my readers uncover what Brve has to offer in this project. I am looking forward to future projects by Brve, I'll be keeping an ear out.

Listen here: