5 Young Boi PG Tracks You Should Be Listening To Now

Young Boi PG is an up and coming rapper with an impressive discography. Here are 5 tracks of his you should be listening to right now.

Can't Go On

This bass-heavy track has an addictive and repetitive melody. The flow is consistent and compelling, creating a vivid narrative for the listener to follow along with. From the very first listen, this track had me hooked.


This is a very unique track which maximises the use of the phrase 'O.K' through the entirety of the track. The lyricism ios crafty and refreshing - and is what makes this track great. I personally really enjoyed this track.


This track really stands out - with its distorted melodies and Freddie-Dredd like style. The flow bounces perfectly from line to line, creating a consistent and reverting flow, with a powerful bassline.


You can feel the raw energy in this track. The flow is forever changing and working seamlessly with the robust and dirty 808s. The instrumental tells a story within itself - this is a phenomenal track.

Life in the City

I have saved the best for last. What I really love about this track is how different it sounds from Young Boi PG's earlier work. It has a very reminiscent and mellow feel about it, with a hypnotic melody, matched with real lyricism. This track is art.

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