Carez Releases Album 'Love Trail/Trell'

Carez has released a 13 track album entitled, 'Love Trail/Trell'. This album is of the R&B/Soul genre.

Demontrel 'Carex' Harris was born and raised in Shreveport, Louisiana. He has been apart of the music scene since 2006, with the debut of his single 'Hot Girl' - at the age of 16. He has travelled all over the US, opening for stars such as Ginuwine, Dru Hill and 112.

The first track off the album is 'Tic'. It has a very sensual, electronic pluck melody, consistent throughout the track. The bassline is well balanced yet powerful, and the drum pattern has a trap-like rhythm to it. The track is rich in lyricism, painting a vivid narrative for the listener to indulge in.

'This Evening' shares the same mood and emotion uncovered in the opening track, but with a different sound, thanks to the very different tone in the melody, and refreshing lyricism. Each track on this album is a different story, contributing to the overall narrative and themes uncovered.

'Control' yet again has a very different melody, dropping the electronic melody, for strings and keys. This track feels a lot more romanticised than the earlier tracks. The vocals on this track are astounding, as they reverberate around the track, and paint the narrative perfectly. This is a really well-produced and flawlessly executed track.

'Acting Funny' is yet another perfect addition to this album. This track stems away from the sexual story-telling uncovered in control and delves into the complexities of the protagonist's relationship. The hook feels bright, uplifting and catchy - I really enjoyed this track.

'Toxic' is a more serious track, about the protagonist's involvement in a toxic relationship. The flow feels faster and more full while maintaining the soulful hook established in earlier tracks. 'Why do I waste my time" - a rhetorical question repetitively asked to close out the track, is a really nice touch, that shows maturity in Carez's songwriting.

'Letter 2 My Ex' is perhaps one of the most popular tracks off the album and features artist Jay K. This track really is a masterpiece, showing themes of resilience and power through the use of rich lyricism, an eerie melody, and a riveting bassline - all of which contribute to the story told.

The album concludes with the track 'Dreaming' featuring Tdot. This track feels conclusive, with a feel-good melody, and indulgent vocals. I've had this last track on repeat - I love the way it feels and how it concludes such a well-performed album.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Carez.

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