"Catch the Vibe of B.A.M.A before HE takes the world by storm"

A fresh and new voice has emerged from Colorado, and the name is Francis Messer Jr., also known as B.A.M.A., who has just released the album, “Mirror”. Dedicated to his son, “Mirror” is about the joys and challenges of parenthood, the ups and downs of bringing up children, and carrying life forward. There is also, of course, plenty of trap, hip-hop, cursing and more to make for a lively evening listen.

Impressing the listener through nine energetic songs (including Athlete, Wtf, The 1 and 4Eva), this album will be loved by parents, single dads and moms who need a break from daily routines, anyone feeling lonely and searching for some good music, and literally anyone looking for some new excitement.

Never giving up and following through all the way to greatness, that’s the core message that B.A.M.A. sends out through his latest collection of songs. Set in hip-hop, trap and drill styles, as well as pop crossover songs, “Mirror” presents a unique vibe for listeners of every taste. B.A.M.A latest track "Polar" shows his versatilty and ability to give you hit after hit.

Listen to “Polar” on all music platforms and also previous works such as previous album "Mirror".