Cee Will Releases New Album 'Sagittarius'

Cee Will has released a new album entitled 'Sagittarius'. We will be counting down our top 3 picks from the project.

Save Me

A beautiful, laid-back track. The vocals on this track sound blissful and clear. The bassline is riveting and the ambient melody paired with the riff go hand in hand. The lyricism is strong and the execution is flawless. This is a personal favorite of mine.

Break Down

This track has a real trap-soul like feel to it, thanks to the trap-like drum pattern, heavy 808s, and melancholic lyricism. The storytelling in this track feels real and intimate. This is a highly recommended track.


Whats not to love about this soulful composition. This track slower then the others, but quickly evolves into something magical. The vocals on this track are a stand-out, and work seamlessly with the thumping kick and bassline. This is a beautiful track fo finish off a superb album.

Listen here: