Charlene Nelson Scott Releases New Album 'In God We Trust'

Charlene Nelson Scott has released a new album entitled 'In God We Trust', which features her hit single 'God Is At The Wheel'.

This is a grand album, with 10 spiritually uplifting tracks. In each track, the vocals are magnificent and delicate, proclaiming love for God and people everywhere.

One of Charlene Nelson Scott's most notable tracks on this album 'God Is At The Wheel'. This is a charming, strong and powerful track, with a special message that can be felt by all listeners. The instrumental is relaxed with a sweet melody, leaving the focus to shine on the warm lyricism.

A track I really enjoy is 'Come In & Fight On'. I could really connect with the lyrics, especially with what's going on in the world today. The vocals are nothing short of pure and beautiful, over an upbeat and groovy instrumental.

'You Will Never Leave Me' takes a slower and soulful approach, with an ambient melody and quiet vocals. A narrative is vividly painted for the listener, consisting of themes of comfort and reassurance, crucial in a time of need.

'Keep God First!' is more of a dance track, with an array of electronic elements and grooves to keep the listener excited. This doesn't take away from the vocals and important message however, as it is still prevalent over the fun-grooves and upbeat drum pattern.

The final track 'In God We Trust', concludes the album perfectly, in a track where funk and soul take over. This is an energetic and uplifting composition, sure to get everyone on their feet and rejoice.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Charlene Nelson Scott.

Listen here: