Chris DeVito Releases New Album 'Beyond the Great Big Sky'

Chris DeVito, a female singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY, specializing in acoustic/indie, has released a new album entitled 'Beyond the Great Big Sky'.

The first track off the album 'Thirty' - is very melancholic and emotional - addressing the stresses of a midlife crisis and the feeling of an unfulfilled life. The acoustic guitar sounds beautiful - under the flawlessly delivered lyrics. This is an astounding track with powerful lyrics, that make you ponder.

'Where Did Everybody Go' - is another emotional track, that hits a certain soft spot as I listen and focus on the powerful imagery - embedded within the lyrics. The acoustic guitar is hypnotic, as it echoes over the track. I especially like Chris' soft tone in this track.

'Have You Ever' - is a little more upbeat than prior tracks, while maintaining the integrity and emotion developed earlier in the album. DeVito lists a bunch of rhetorical questions to use as a listener. This is very engaging and inclusive, as you feel fully involved in the story teller's narrative.

'Inside My Mind' is another beautiful - reminiscent track, that really appeals to me as a listener. It creates a certain aura I feel driven to. I love how this track is developed, and how Chris really puts her vocals to work, to create such a robust track.

'Beyond the Great Big Sky' - is a track that shares the titled of the album. It is the pinnacle of the album and it explicitly shares the themes conveyed throughout the album. It shares the same format of 'Have You Ever' - using rhetorical questions to fully involve and almost interrogate the listener. This is a beautiful track.

I want to finish this review on the 10th track of the album. 'Goodbye Old Friend' is a very sacred composition to the artist. Chris wrote this song in memory of her Grandmother after she passed. You can feel the special bond Chris and her Grandmother had - through the tear-jerking, reflective lyrics, and the reverberating acoustic guitar. This is a composition that is very special for the songwriter - and you can experience it in the artist's delivery.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Chris DeVito.

Listen here: