Christone Is Set To Release A New Single 'Another Chance'

Christone is set to release a new single entitled 'Another Chance'. The release will be on the 1 May online on Spotify, Itunes, etc along with a NYC Manhattan radio that will spin it around 10 times a day. Luckily, we were able to get an early listen into this track!

This is a beautiful, soul inducing, spine-tingling composition. The vocals are at the center of this track, starting from soft and reverberated in the intro, to intense and powerful in the chorus. The vocals paint a vivid narrative for the listener. The instrumental of this track is quite immaculate. It adapts to the vocal style of Christone. When the vocals are soft, the instrumental is minimal, when the intensity rises, so does the power of the electric guitar and nature of the drum and bass.

This is an exciting new track and we will have a follow-up article upon the release of this track.