Claudia Santiago Releases New Single, “BRING MY ANGEL DOWN TO EARTH,” Globally On May 2, 2020

Claudia Santiago, an accomplished international singer, songwriter, and entertainer, is excited to announce the release of her new single, “Bring My Angel Down To Earth,” from her upcoming studio album, on May 2, 2020.

A disrupter on the international music scene, Claudia has developed an international reputation

for her talents in the pop and R&B genres. Coming from her upcoming album, “Bring My Angel

Down To Earth” reflects Claudia’s unique style and delivers a powerful and captivating message

of emotion and romance. With her signature downtempo acoustic instrumentation, lyrical

depth, and grasping vocals, fans worldwide will be taken on a powerful journey with every verse.

Showcasing lyrical prowess to deliver a touching message and chorus that resonates with

listeners, Claudia is excited to share this single with the world. Coming off a prerelease tour

across Europe, where she famously performed at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and other venues in

the United Kingdom, Spain, France, and Europe, Claudia is excited to continue touring

internationally with her musicians, while connecting with fans on the local and national levels, to

celebrate the release of “Bring My Angel Down To Earth” and her upcoming studio album.

Released on all major streaming platforms May 2, 2020, “Bring My Angel Down To Earth” is

currently available and links can be found at . For exclusive access to

Claudia, please visit and enter your email to receive access to her VIP

lounge, a private group where she performs live and offers many other great surprises.

About Claudia Santiago.

Claudia Santiago is a Chilean born Canadian international singer, songwriter, and entertainer,

with an incredible life story of overcoming and surviving the civil war in Chile, life-threatening

disease, and other extenuating life obstacles to rise to the top of international entertainment

and become a world-renowned star. Her work has been featured with seasoned songwriters, including Anthony Little, Justin Timberlake, and Kenny Lamb.