Cozy Productions Releases New Album 'Vocals'

Cozy Productions has released a new album entitled 'Vocals'. This project is a mix between covers and originals by the artist, with a total of 8 tracks.

There are a few covers and originals that I want to focus on. The first being XXXTENTACION's SAD. This is a beautiful reimagining of this melancholic track. The melody and instrumental has been completely redone, to give the track a refreshing sound. The vocals are quite different from the original, making this track really stand out. The minor changes to the arrangements as well are also a nice touch to this cover.

Directly preceding this track is a Cozy original, Dunder Mifflin. Inspiration from the American mockumentary sitcom, The Office, has been used to formulate this stand out track. There are multiple bars that seamlessly flow with each other. The melody of this track is ambient and calming, a nice touch.

A cover of Russ' track PSYCHO Pt2 follows this track. The piano is prominent in this track, creating the mood of the track, spawning emotion and distress. The vocals feel raw and intimate in this track. The prolonged singing really adds to the experience of the track and positions the listener into a vulnerable position.

The album concludes with another Cozy original, Fucked Up. This track is extremely emotional and touching. The lyricism used is dark and heavy, appealing directly to the listener, as Cozy opens up to the listener. The drum pattern sustains the fast momentum of the track, while the grim melody downplays the excitement.

This is a jam-packed album, with more tracks such as Nina Ed Sheeran Cover and STFU Blackbear Cover. This is a highly recommended album and you can listen here: