D'Vo Releases 2 New Projects

D'Vo has released 2 New Projects entitled 'The Codex: Running The Point' and 'The Codex: I've Got Next'. We will be taking the top 5 tracks from both albums and sharing them with you today.

What I Can or Can’t Achieve (I've Got Next)

This is an empowering track, where we get a feel for D'Vo's main message and flow. The flow feels deep and confident. The hook is mesmerizing and inspiring. The whole composition is strong and descriptive in lyrics. This is a track with a very strong message.

I'll Find My Way (I've Got Next)

This track is slower and more downtempo than the previous tracks. The melody feels intimate and emotional. It's easy to indulge in and leaves more focus for the vocals. D'Vo is consistent in creating songs strong in meaning, and this track is no exception.

One Love (I've Got Next)

This is a very upbeat and engaging track, with a drum pattern which will captivate you from the very first beat. The vocals are sung in a much higher octave, and it is mesmerizing to listen and indulge in. D'Vo is an extremely talented band, and this track is a testament to that.

Enmity (Running the Point)

We return to the more downtempo approach with this track. This track really moves you, with its diverse and dynamic nature, captivating lyricism, and artistic execution. This track is art - with its unique approach to Christian rap.

Jesus Christ (Running the Point)

The final track I would like to share with you us 'Jesus Christ' and can be found at the end of the Running The Point album. This is an inspirational and motivating track, with very intimate and personal lyrics. The heavenly vocal delivery really does it for me in this track and is what makes it so special.

These are two very recommended projects and I am looking forward to future projects by D'Vo.

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