Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons New Single ‘Somebody on your mind”

'Somebody on your mind’ is the first single from the new album from Auckland's Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons. Although the album is Armstrongs own doing he is still operating under the Daniel Armstrong & The Monsoons alias. The new single which is released digitally on May 1st (through all the normal channels), is a take on living in a city that has lost it's love for art, it's love for culture and life and instead has found an obsession with wealth, status and an early grave.

The upcoming album will be realised in late June 2020 with another single due for release before.

The new album is a commentary on living in an anti-culture bubble, that is separate from the rest of the world but obsessed with a world that doesn’t exist. The new album calls upon inspiration from Dylan, Talking Heads, Nina Simone, Mina, Christopher Hitchens, Daniel Quinn to mention a few.

Armstrong would have been touring Europe through May-June 2020, but something about a virus made him rethink. The European tour has been pushed back to November, with a US tour (now in January) and NZ/Australia tour in July 2020.

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