Daniel Besuijen Releases New Album 'No West for the Wicked'

Daniel Besuijen has released a new album entitled,'No West for the Wicked'. We will be sharing with you our top 3 picks from the album - but highly recommended listening to this track from front to end.

Oh My

This is an eerie and hallowing track, with a compelling melody and reverberated vocals. A vivid yet dark picture is painted for the listener, with a strong sense of hopeless romanticism embedded within the lyricism.


This is a stark contrast from the previous track, with a quicker and sharper riff, fast drum pattern, and riveting bassline. The emotional and hallowing vocals are maintained, however, juxtaposing the nature of the track, creating a unique, resilient yet self-conscious composition - that appeals to the soul of the listener.

I'm Going Away

For the majority of this track, it remains as an instrumental. The vocals are eerie when they are introduced, and paint a captivating narrative for the listener, incorporating everything we love and hate of the wild west. The riff is diverse and changes to better progress the story of the composition. This isn't a track - it's an experience - a modern work of art.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by Daniel Besuijen.

Listen here: