Danjul Releases A New Groundshaking Track 'Faded Destiny'

Rising pop artist and hair-icon, Danjul, has released a new single entitled 'Faded Destiny'.

We are big fans of Danjul here at Fresh out of the Booth, we are never afraid to blast his new tracks over the speakers. 'Faded Destiny' - the latest track from the rapidly growing artist, is no exception. Beginning with the soul inducing instrumental, the pad-dominated melody provokes raw emotion. The drum pattern falls under the RnB category, adding to the excitement of the track. The vocals are at the center of this track. A futuristic yet down to earth tone takes over, painting an image before the listener in their mind, a skill not many musicians can accomplish so lucidly. This is a beautiful addition to Danjul's discography, and I am looking forward to even more projects from this very promising artist in the future.

YouTube link: https://youtu.be/pQ3Bs-f0FT0

Digital store link: https://song.link/i/1505766890