Danjul Releases New Track 'The Path'

Danjul, A superstar here at Fresh Out Of The Booth, has been busy over quarantine! The singer/songwriter has released a new track entitled, 'The Path', as apart of GATEWAYRECORDS' new compilation album 'Pop Right Now'. The track was produced by Matthew A. Nelson.

This is a phenomenal track. It stands out on the compilation album, with its vivid and bright sound. This well-produced track has a rich and powerful bass-line, consistent throughout the entirety of the track. The melody is made up of multiple electronic elements, such as bubble-like plucks and a sawing riff. The drum pattern is unique, as an array of percussion is used to give this track an abundance of flavor. The vocals are at the center of this track, creating an intimate narrative for the listener to engage with, thanks to the deep and catchy lyricism delivered by the warm vocals. The phrases 'Come on ... follow me' and 'Walk the path', will be stuck in my head for days. This is a highly recommended track, Danjul never disappoints.

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