Darrin Cox & Phonic Blizz Ent introduce"WE GO"

May 2020 - Darrin Cox & Phonic Blizz Ent.introduce "WE GO". Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox is an artist who immediately strikes with great personality and a really original approach to songwriting. His recent release, “WE GO,” is a great example of the hard work and passion that fuel his music. The song has some really great melody, a punchy, driven beat and more importantly, a smooth lyrical flow that does not only highlight Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox’s incredible vocal prowess, but also his ability to write songs that are catchy, direct and easy to relate to. The song showcases Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox’s musical coordinates, as the sound is a refreshing blend of modern hip-hop and even a touch of extra melody!

While “WE GO” remains appealing and extremely direct, there is also a lot of depth to the music and concept, making for a great balance between appeal and sophistication…Who said catchy music can’t be smart?

Find out more and listen:

Find out more about Diff'rence Aka Darrin Cox, and do not miss out on “WE GO” which is also featured on “Extra Perception 2,” a brand new EP from the artist.