DeadXDying: 'I do this with hopes someone who needs it finds it.'

We were fortunate enough to interview artist DeadXDying.

When did you realise that you had a passion for music?

I have loved music all my life, I was raised around it. So at a very young age it was already a very big part of my life. I got older discovered how broad the music spectrum had become and realized I needed to be a part of it.

Who are your main inspirations as an artist?

I love just about everything from hardcore rap to deathcore metal, my main inspirations that made me want to be a artist are all over the place but they range from Skid Row , Motley Crue to Lil peep & Juice Wrld (R.I.P)

What would you like to achieve as an artist?

If I can create music and do something I truly love and have passion for while at the same time help someone get over a personal problem or a life obstacle or just jam out on a shitty day. Just want people to know there are other people out there going through it and it doesn’t hurt to help someone out in a time of need , karmas a bitch

Tell us a little more about your recent project?

Our most recent single “Killing Me” is straight out of my soul, it has the feel of experiencing the trauma of the story. The song is made to take you and make you feel as your own personal demons (anxiety,depression,drug addiction) have backed you into a corner. It’s one part of the story but it’s the part when the panic terror and anxiety built to the breaking point and there was only one way to fix it ...... #burnone

What should we be looking forward to from you in the future?

DeadXDying is wrapping up their first project in the next few weeks. The first drop is a emo-rap inspired album. Truly takes the listener to a dark place at times but also will bring a smile to your face. Its a rollercoaster of emotion with a breaking point, then in the near future to follow will be a Deathcore metal ep. DeadXDying is taking it to the next level 2020 has been a rough year for many of us. I say we end it with a bang!

Is there anything else you would like to tell our readers?

As I said earlier I do this with hopes someone who needs it finds it. Understand I would never wish drug addiction, anxiety , depression or anything I talk about in my songs on my worst enemy. My music is not for weak or triggered people more for the people that can’t find the person extending a hand to pull them out of the dark hole they are stuck in. Like I always say if your looking for that heat come burn with me! Here are my links please visit like and subscribe, if you are alone don’t hesitate to reach out!

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