Dejhare Releases New EP 'Plead The Fifth'

Dejhare has released a new EP entitled, 'Plead The Fifth'. The EP has 5 tracks.

Take Five

A bass heavy and soul inducing track, the heavy baseline carries the groove of the track, while the vocals paint a vivid narrative. This is a strong and dynamic track, a great into for the EP that sets the bar high.


A completely different approach to the start of the track, the drum pattern feels progressive and impactful. The lines are short and snappy, creating a very intimate and distinct style, which is very fitting.


This track begins much slower then the tracks prior, it appears more emotional and sensitive, and speaks directly to the listener, this composition is a personal favorite.

Not Alone

A snappy composition, with an interesting combination of percs and short leads. The vocals are vibrant and works subsequently with the rhythm built up. I especially love the chorus, and the reintroduction of other electronic sounds, to add excitement and energy to the track

Plead The Fifth

A great track to end off the EP, this composition has it all, elongated vocals, powerful synths and a riveting baseline. It is uplifting and energising as it paces its 4 minute duration. The track sounds carefully arranged, and its drum progression supports this.

This is a flawless EP, and I am looking forward to future projects by Dejhare.