Songwriter and producer Dezabel expertly fuses pop, jazz, soul, and electronica to make instantly lovable tracks. Collaborating with singers from around the world, he creates a sound with universal appeal. His latest release, ‘When It Comes To You,’ showcases his gift for laid back grooves and irresistible melodies.

With its combination of organic instruments and cutting edge production, ‘When It Comes To You’ feels fresh and familiar at the same time. The vocalist delivers an impassioned R&B inspired performance that grabs the listener’s attention and doesn’t let go until the closing notes.

With its sensual mood and romantic overtones, ‘When It Comes To You’ is a dose of pop perfection.

This is a beautifully composed track, with an array of electronic and acoustic elements. The vocals are at the very center of this divine composition, delivering an exceptionally powerful vocal delivery, filled with passion and devotion. The instrumental of the track has a dynamic nature, with an evolving bassline, intriguing key-melody, and an energetic yet unconventional kick and snare pattern. I highly recommend this track.

‘When It Comes To You’ is available everywhere Feb. 14, 2020