Diamir Releases New Single 'Behind The Facade'

Emerging Northern Irish rock act, Diamir , has released a new single entitled, 'Behind The Facade'.

This exciting debut single includes a heavy and captivating riff that drives the tempo and momentum of the track, and energetic drums accompany the early mood established early in the composition. The multi-layered vocals add to the excitement and vividness of the track, while simenteouslty painting a narrative for the listener to relate and connect with. This is the perfect debut single for the band and will be a track heard throughout the rest of the world, hopefully for years, if not, decades to come.

Diamir are a rock band with a progressive edge from Northern Ireland, UK. Formed in mid-late 2018, Diamir was the culmination of more than a decade's worth of sporadic behind-the-scenes writing/composing from guitarist and keyboardist John Wilson. They are known for delivering powerful, engaging and spine-tingling live performances, which helped propel them to win the Northern Ireland Hop House Battle of the Bands in the summer of 2019. The band have also completed recording of their second single and already have a wealth of material composed and arranged by John. They are hoping to get much of this out into the world during 2020.

Listen here: