Diggatre Interview

1)I realized I had a passion for music at a very early age matter fact music came later on I had an overall passion for entertainment music just happens to be 1 of the many few versatility is about me but you could say more or less music enabled me to express myself in a way that other forms could not As Time passed I found myself to get more interested I'm truly excelled in that area of my life like no other

2) My inspirations are few and in between other than dagreat's at the Legends that most might mention I'm inspired by people who overcome challenges no matter what obstacle set before them I'm inspired by hard workers and creative minds and those with an ability to think outside the box on some things. I have yet to grasp I'm inspired by the good people that still exist in this world that go out of their way for others I'm inspired by the people that do good acts off of the camera and off of the social media platforms. Success , riches, adoration can be obtained sometimes in the blink of an eye but two genuinely be a good person and have a good heart and not let fucked up world we in make you different that inspires me

3) I'd like to achieve any & everything that's been done before me and some more. this ain't the most ideal career path to venture most people say u probably could have a law degree a PhD damn even be an astronaut before you "make it" or even progress to a point where you can make a living from it. So if I had a one or two goals to achieve personally I think I'd be setting my bar too low.comming for mine and then some , I've had all this time to observe ,formulate and put into practice my acquired knowlage so I'll be damned if I wasn't going for the gold medal consecutive times, in any and all categories when possible I have a very tenacious and unwavering work ethic Which has always opened doors to new opportunities for myself.so in a nutshell sky's the limit.

4) My most memorable moment?

So far would have to be the general unspoken praise that my music has received, apart from the blogs posts ,songs reviews the radios plays and the interviews , it's the individuals weather or not they are in a position to progress my endeavors further or just a Supporter who gets me when they reach out and show appreciation for my art , i always chalk up those as most memorable

5) Biggest artist I've worked with is god only through. That Collaboration is any of this even possible. But realistically I don't think it would be fair to any of the other artists that I've worked with for me to make claim on who was the biggest because they are all talented just all in different stages of their career, but i let the music speak for itself

6) My new project

Well that's a funny and intricate question to answer. I'll try to keep it simple I make a shitload of music I'm not your regular artist who sits on his songs and releases once a month and try to drip-feed my fan base I'm trying to flood the market with quality music until you ain't got no choice but to listen to me , since March I've dropped 5 albums, mixtapes , EP's whatever you wanna call it lol and a multitude of singles currently at 103 and going , so I always have new projects in the work ,but My Newest project Panamera Flex... just me trying a new flavour switching it up a little catering 4 the other demographics in my fan base

7) In the future what you could expect from me? it's two words BIG THINGS

8) To the readers : anything is possible with a little hard work and determination .thanks again for taking the time to read this hopefully has stirred up your intrigued to find out more