Discuva Releases New Project 'Discuva Unreleased'

Discuva has released a new project entitled 'Discuva Unreleased'. There are a bunch of great tracks off this project that I really enjoy.

I Feel Fine

This is a compelling track, with a very dynamic and versatile instrumental. The melody is fast-paced and vibrant, with an array of different instruments contributing to the melody. The drum pattern is something different, and in doing so, a unique sound is created. Discuva's flow is sublime. Each line bounces perfectly from the last.

Valet Parking

This track is much slower then 'I Feel Fine', yet, the beat is steady and works perfectly with the nature of the lyrics. The bass feels full and well balanced, the melody is very west-coast inspired and the lyricism and execution are flawless. I really enjoyed this track and it would sound even better in the car.

Fux Around

'Fux Around' has a very distinctive sound. The melody sounds uplifting and triumphant. The lyricism works perfectly with the nature of this track. The flow is slower than earlier tracks, but it is easy to engage with.

Discuva is a unique talent with a very distinctive and signature style. I am looking forward to future projects by this very promising talent.

Listen here: