Dopeamean Releases New Album 'Blue Faces'

Dopeamean has released a new 14 track album entitled 'Blue Faces'.

'Im All That' has you reeled in from the get go. The intro is exciting and bass filled. The use of a chant in the hook, makes this track extremely catchy and memorable. The old-school melody has a fresh twist on it, as it saws through the track.

The self titled 'Blue Faces' is one of my favorite tracks on the album. The hook is similar to the hook experienced in 'Im All That', where the chant plays a massive role in echoing through the track. The flow is strong and cuts through the hallowing melody.

'Catch Me In The Trap' is a cunning and extraordinary track. The well-mastered track has the signature Dopeamean flow, dirty melodies, semi-ambient pads and some powerful 808s, ready to shake the trunk.

'Bart Simpson' is another great track on this very promising album. There is a certain style that Dopeamean uses so regularly, but is a style that can only be perfectly executed by Dopeamean. This is explored in 'Bart Simpson'. The repetition found in hooks and the flow executed on this track in particular can not be faulted.

'RubberBanz' is an intriguing track, sure to capture the attention of many due to its powerful nature and versatile drum pattern. This is a track anyone can throw on and vibe too. I've played this track quite a few times now and it never gets old. Its a refreshing track for the Hip Hop community.

Finalsing the album is a track entitled 'Ambition' - which takes a step back from defined album style. This track is more down-tempted, but maintaining key traits found in the album such as powerful 808s and heavy layered vocals - to create the chant. The themes are sentimental and close to home. A highly recommended track.

'Blue Faces' is simply put, a perfectly rounded masterpiece. I am looking forward to future projects by Dopeamean.

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