DRICKA Releases ‘MAMA’ Music Video

Listen here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIkCvg5ELIc&feature=youtu.be

Some say we only truly grow up when we have a child ourselves. That there is a certain detachment that takes place in the moment of birth. Perhaps where so far, we’ve bee the dependent ones, now there’s someone who has to depend on us, so I suppose we’ve got to be strong and stand on our own feet.

That’s pretty much the mood I get from Dricka’s latest release, “Mama”. The title carries a double meaning to it. For one, it’s an obvious letter to her mother, telling her about “all the shit she’s been through”, and gently informing her that she’s all grown-up now and can stand by herself.

On the other hand, “mama” is a call to ward Dricka’s own two-year-old son, about growing up. About finding strength and resilience, and not letting the things you’ve seen and the hardships you’ve endured bring you down.

What I particularly like about Dricka’s song “Mama” is that it’s not just a child playing at being grown-up. If you spend a little bit of time on the scene, you see there’s plenty of kids rapping about being tough and independent, but few who actually mean it. Well, Dricka ain’t that.

You can see from the very first notes that this one means it. And a very clever way in which Dricka underlines that is by not being afraid to show a little emotion and vulnerability. She doesn’t come right out and tell you how strong she is. No, instead, she lets you see her as an emotional, vulnerable person. Still scared, still insecure at times. But marching on through nevertheless.

I think that’s what being grown up and independent is truly about,and I think Dricka expresses that superbly in “Mama”. With an easy, catchy beat, the song is the sort that stays stuck in your mind for a long time after you hear it, and you continue coming back, finding new meaning with each listen.

It’s a smart and soulful song, and you’re really doing yourself a disservice by not listening to it.