Ed Golfo Releases New Single 'Mistakes'

Ed Golfo has debuted his first single 'Mistakes' - and we are super impressed with this exceptional new track.

Ed Golfo has really shaken up the industry with this new track, introducing a new and distinct sound to the EDM. Beginning with the instrumental, the build-up is quite minimalistic, with a few synths and vocals. When the bass drops on this track - an influx of energy and excitement becomes present. The addictive bassline and lead melody will make you want to have this track on repeat for the whole day. The vocal execution and lyricism is perfect for this track. In fact, from beginning to end, Ed Golfo has produced a breathtaking dance track that makes me want to get up and dance.

This is a highly recommended single and I am looking forward to future projects by Ed Golfo. This is quite literally only the beginning.

Listen here: