Eddy Crank Releases New Album 'Birdwatching'

Eddy Crank has released a new album entitled 'Birdwatching'. We will be sharing with you our top 5 picks from our new favorite album.


The style established in this track is quite unique. The deep vocals work seamlessly with the melody. The riveting bassline moves the listener, and the drum pattern sustains the momentum of the track. Eddy Crank creates his own flow in this track, and it is an easy track to quickly connect with.

Comma, the Bounty Hunter

The start of this track sounds like a dance track. Its pulsing bassline and reverberated clap gives us this impression. The vocals sound very robust/futuristic, as they glide along with the evolving melody. This is a quick track, but one that has left a big impression on me.

Dubble Bogey

The production of this track really brings a tear to the eye. The powerful yet lo-fi riff melody creates such a strong emotion, accompanied by the melancholic down-tempo vocals. The lyricism is emotive and the execution feels experimental. This is a personal favorite.


This is a stand out track - the vocals sound a lot more crisp, clean and orthodox while maintaining that signature melody style we have quickly come to love. The track evolves during the hook, adding power to the bassline and a stronger kick and crispier snare.


This album finished with a masterpiece of a song. This ode really experiments with emotion and lyricism, to create an unorthodox and unique sound. I think this track best sums up what the album successfully accomplishes. Naturally making sounds that no one has heard or experienced before.

This is a highly recommended album and we will be keeping a close eye on Eddy Crank as he dominates the industry.

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/5tkXkXXRSlG8r4MaJh9MUL?si=ZaGlFm9ZQJOKJ2XCEmFnLg

Apple Music: https://music.apple.com/us/album/birdwatching/1527585680