Edwin Baker Teams Up With Alyssa Luypaert To Release New Single 'Growing Pains'

Edwin Baker has teamed up with Alyssa Luypaert to release a new single entitled 'Growing Pains'.

This is a wholesome duet about growing as a person, and the resistance that comes with it. The track was produced by Edwin Baker, and both Edwin Baker and Alyssa Luypaert wrote and performed this track. The vocals in this track are extraordinary. They reach out and speak to the listener, thanks to the rich language techniques embedded within the lyricism, and the flawless execution. Both artists create a vivid narrative for the listener to become fully involved with and connect with. The nature of the instrumental of the track is minimalistic yet triumphant, with keys supported by subtle strings and risers.

This is a highly recommended track and I am really looking forward to future projects by both Edwin Baker and Alyssa Luypaert.

Listen here: