Elmin Ferati Releases A Remix Of James Blunt's Track 'The Greatest'

Elmin Ferati has released a bootleg remix of Jame Blunt's track 'The Greatest'.

As someone who used to remix, you can understand how tedious some of the processes can be. Ferati stated 'I didn't have the vocal files so I had to make an incredible editing/cleaning work even before starting working on the creative content.'. This hard work has paid off, as we are left with an amazing g final track.

The melody is really motivating and uplifting, the bassline is riveting and most apparent in the bass drop. The drum pattern works perfectly in building up and sustaining the momentum of the track. The composition has a whole has been planned really well, and the incorporation of the vocals seem natural. This is a highly recommended track, and I am looking forward to future projects by Elmin Ferati.

Listen here: