Enricoh Is Set To Release New Album 'Pink Fire'

Enricoh is set to release his new album 'Pink Fire'. This is a highly anticipated release and I am excited to hear the full project. In preparation for this album, I would like to explore Enricoh's most popular single 'Better Off'.

This is a melancholic and emotional composition, that really grabs you and makes you ponder. Enricoh's deep and rich lyricism, flows beautifully, through the hallowing keys of this track. The rolling thunder in combination with the guitar solo really diversifies this track and makes it stand out. It is Enricoh's vocals and ability to tell a story through song however, that makes this track unique.

This is a highly recommended track, and we will be keeping an eye out for 'Pink Fire' upon its release. Stay tuned for updates.

Listen to 'Better Off' -