Faded Sun Release New Single 'What A Horrible Night For A Stroll​/​Don't Wake The Dead'

​Don't Wake The Dead has released a new single entitled 'What A Horrible Night For A Stroll​/​Don't Wake The Dead'.

This track begins at the sound of bells ringing, and quickly evolves into a metal track, with the introduction of heavy electric guitars, and a mesmerising drum pattern to sustain the momentum of the track. The vocals are quickly introduced after the rhythm is established. The theme of the track entails a grim nature of not awakening the dead. The vocals fit perfectly with the nature and environment of this track. The electric guitar has an extraordinary solo in the middle, and towards the end of the composition, that you have to hear to believe. This is a masterpiece of a track, and I am excited to share it with you today.

Listen here: