Foolish Senpai and King Reynard Releases New Album 'Kings Don't Die: Time Will Tell'

Foolish Senpai and King Reynard have come together to release a new album entitled 'Kings Don't Die: Time Will Tell'. This is an exciting new project that I am ready to share with you today.

Right off the bat, the opening track 'Crown on Me' is an exciting and engaging track, really hooking in the listener early. The memorable melody explored in the hook is a great contribution to this. The lyricism is bouncy and easy to get lost in. The rich bass delivers a prestigious sound for this track.

'Eazy Money' is another upbeat track that really hooks in the listener early. The melody is addictive. The synth-like pluck accompanies the harsh flow beautifully. Foolish Senpai and King Reynard truly don't miss a beat on this track.

'My City' is truly the anthem of the track. This composition speaks volumes of who Foolish Senpai and King Reynard are as artists, and their morals and values as citizens. This is an inspiring and motivating track, sure to make waves around the city.

'Hustle Never Last' is also another awe-inspiring track. It has quite a unique and distinctive melody that leads this composition. The drum pattern is fast and upbeat, lifting the mood and rhythm of the track. The lyricism is second to none and the execution is simply perfect.

The final track 'Stay Alive' - wraps up the track perfectly. The tempo is taken down a notch, to narrow the focus towards the vocals and lyrics. The lyrics are truly touching, composing the perfect narrative for the listener.

This is a highly recommended album and I am looking forward to future projects by this unstoppable duo.

Listen here: